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How long will my order take? 
3-4 weeks to be made, if you need it sooner (7-10 days from order) you will need to purchase the 'urgent order'. 

Rental Companies: 
Custom orders are for personal use & nonprofit ONLY. If you are interested in getting an item for commercial use, please contact me. If you have previously purchased an item off me (prior to 2020) you are required to tag @mykeepernz. 


About this item:
A classic style dress that will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Raw edges, feminine puff sleeves, and made from the highest quality linen. 

Fabric Suggestions:
The Tinker Dress suits any type of fabric. 


What is your fabric choice?

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Alison Glass

Cotton Alison Glass

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Alison Glass

Cotton Alison Glass

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Alison Glass

Cotton Alison Glass

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Alison Glass

Cotton Alison Glass

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Bazaar Berry

Cotton Bazaar Berry

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Bazaar Teal

Cotton Bazaar Teal

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Charmed- Lilac

Cotton Charmed- Lilac

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Contempo

Cotton Contempo

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Flora

Cotton Flora

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Flora

Cotton Flora

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Flora

Cotton Flora

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Flower Field Teal

Cotton Flower Field Teal

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Garden Life

Cotton Garden Life

Fabric: Cotton Lime Gingham

Cotton Lime Gingham

Fabric: Cotton Mekko Blue

Cotton Mekko Blue

Fabric: Cotton Mekko Purple

Cotton Mekko Purple

Fabric: Cotton Mekko Red

Cotton Mekko Red

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker

Cotton Seer Sucker

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Blue

Cotton Seer Sucker Blue

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Dark

Cotton Seer Sucker Dark

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Mustard

Cotton Seer Sucker Mustard

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Pale Pink

Cotton Seer Sucker Pale Pink

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Purple

Cotton Seer Sucker Purple

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Red

Cotton Seer Sucker Red

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Solstice 2

Cotton Solstice 2

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Sunset

Cotton Sunset

Fabric: Cotton Tossed Mushrooms

Cotton Tossed Mushrooms

Sold Out

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Vagabond Amber

Cotton Vagabond Amber

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Vagabond Berry

Cotton Vagabond Berry

Limited Stock
Fabric: Cotton Vagabond Pink

Cotton Vagabond Pink

Fabric: Limited Edition Springtime Pink

Limited Edition Springtime Pink

Sold Out

Fabric: Limited Edition Springtime Purple

Limited Edition Springtime Purple

Sold Out

Fabric: Linen Berry

Linen Berry

Fabric: Linen Black

Linen Black

Fabric: Linen Black Gingham

Linen Black Gingham

Fabric: Linen Blue Gingham

Linen Blue Gingham

Fabric: Linen Blush

Linen Blush

Fabric: Linen Blush Gingham

Linen Blush Gingham

Fabric: Linen Bone

Linen Bone

Fabric: Linen Bone Gingham

Linen Bone Gingham

Fabric: Linen Breeze

Linen Breeze

Fabric: Linen Brick

Linen Brick

Fabric: Linen Buttercup

Linen Buttercup

Fabric: Linen Caper

Linen Caper

Fabric: Linen Celery Gingham

Linen Celery Gingham

Fabric: Linen Celery Smoke

Linen Celery Smoke

Fabric: Linen Cloud

Linen Cloud

Fabric: Linen Cotton Big Flower

Linen Cotton Big Flower

Fabric: Linen Cotton Lyla

Linen Cotton Lyla

Fabric: Linen Cotton Ret

Linen Cotton Ret

Fabric: Linen Denim

Linen Denim

Fabric: Linen Duck Egg

Linen Duck Egg

Fabric: Linen Dusky

Linen Dusky

Fabric: Linen Dusky Gingham

Linen Dusky Gingham

Fabric: Linen Evergreen

Linen Evergreen

Fabric: Linen Grape

Linen Grape

Fabric: Linen Green Smoke

Linen Green Smoke

Fabric: Linen Hydrangea

Linen Hydrangea

Fabric: Linen Khaki

Linen Khaki

Fabric: Linen Lipstick

Linen Lipstick

Fabric: Linen Military Green

Linen Military Green

Fabric: Linen Mustard

Linen Mustard

Fabric: Linen Navy

Linen Navy

Fabric: Linen Navy Gingham

Linen Navy Gingham

Fabric: Linen Ocean

Linen Ocean

Fabric: Linen Ochre

Linen Ochre

Fabric: Linen Olive

Linen Olive

Fabric: Linen Olive Gingham

Linen Olive Gingham

Fabric: Linen Papaya

Linen Papaya

Fabric: Linen Paprika

Linen Paprika

Fabric: Linen Paprika Gingham

Linen Paprika Gingham

Fabric: Linen Pear

Linen Pear

Fabric: Linen Red Clay

Linen Red Clay

Fabric: Linen Sea Foam

Linen Sea Foam

Fabric: Linen Self Check Black

Linen Self Check Black

Fabric: Linen Self Check Camel

Linen Self Check Camel

Fabric: Linen Self Check Khaki

Linen Self Check Khaki

Fabric: Linen Self Check Navy

Linen Self Check Navy

Fabric: Linen Self Check Plum

Linen Self Check Plum

Fabric: Linen Self Check Red

Linen Self Check Red

Fabric: Linen Self Check Sky

Linen Self Check Sky

Fabric: Linen Self Check White

Linen Self Check White

Fabric: Linen Shell

Linen Shell

Fabric: Linen Tangelo

Linen Tangelo

Fabric: Linen Teal

Linen Teal

Fabric: Linen Washed Lilac

Linen Washed Lilac

Fabric: Linen White

Linen White

Fabric: Linen Yellow Gingham

Linen Yellow Gingham

Fabric: Rayon Black Daisy

Rayon Black Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Blue Daisy

Rayon Blue Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Blue Fields

Rayon Blue Fields

Fabric: Rayon Bright Florals

Rayon Bright Florals

Fabric: Rayon Bright Patch

Rayon Bright Patch

Fabric: Rayon Burnt Out Daisy

Rayon Burnt Out Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Colourful Florals

Rayon Colourful Florals

Fabric: Rayon Crazy Daisy

Rayon Crazy Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Ditsy Pink

Rayon Ditsy Pink

Fabric: Rayon Ditsy Purple

Rayon Ditsy Purple

Fabric: Rayon Ditzy Mint

Rayon Ditzy Mint

Fabric: Rayon Etched Daisy

Rayon Etched Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Flower Fall

Rayon Flower Fall

Fabric: Rayon Hazy Blue

Rayon Hazy Blue

Fabric: Rayon Loose Daisy

Rayon Loose Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Mini Daisy

Rayon Mini Daisy

Fabric: Rayon Monotone Blue Floral

Rayon Monotone Blue Floral

Fabric: Rayon Navy Florals

Rayon Navy Florals

Fabric: Rayon Navy Flower

Rayon Navy Flower

Fabric: Rayon Peach Flower

Rayon Peach Flower

Fabric: Rayon Pebbles

Rayon Pebbles

Fabric: Rayon Retro Vibes

Rayon Retro Vibes

Fabric: Rayon Rustic Florals

Rayon Rustic Florals

Fabric: Rayon Scattered

Rayon Scattered

Fabric: Rayon Seventies

Rayon Seventies

Fabric: Rayon Seventies

Rayon Seventies

Fabric: Rayon Spot

Rayon Spot

Fabric: Rayon Sunflower

Rayon Sunflower

Fabric: Rayon Toucan

Rayon Toucan

Fabric: Rayon Ups A Daisy

Rayon Ups A Daisy

Fabric: Rayon White Magnolia

Rayon White Magnolia

Fabric: Rayon Winter Blooms

Rayon Winter Blooms

Fabric: Viscose Big Stars

Viscose Big Stars

Fabric: Viscose Blue Stars

Viscose Blue Stars

Fabric: Viscose Cherry Black

Viscose Cherry Black

Fabric: Viscose Cherry Blue

Viscose Cherry Blue

Fabric: Viscose Faint Floral

Viscose Faint Floral

Fabric: Viscose Patchwork

Viscose Patchwork

Fabric: Viscose Petal Blue

Viscose Petal Blue

Fabric: Viscose Petal Mustard

Viscose Petal Mustard

Fabric: Viscose Petal Orange

Viscose Petal Orange

Fabric: Viscose Red Stars

Viscose Red Stars