All You Need To Know


Made to order:

This section of my website opens once a month on the 30th. If you order before this time, your order will be started on the next 30th, eg. If you order on the 16th Jan, your order will be made with the orders from 30th Jan. They take 4/5 weeks to complete, or if you ordered a limited edition print ($35 ones), it can sometimes take up to 6 due to the fabric being printed overseas. 

Ready to wear;

These items are ready to be shipped and will arrive to you 2-3 days from your order.

Sewing patterns:

These come in PDF format only and will be sent directly to your email after purchase for download. You can print these A4 at home or I highly recommend for printing A0, it saves a lot of time and also means your patterns are nice and tidy too.


Select the date that you are wearing the garment. It will arrive 2-3 prior to the selected date. Rental bookings close off on Thursday to ensure items arrive in time, so ensure you book before then. You can purchase a damage waiver for $8 to cover you if there is any damage while renting the garment, and you can also buy a rental extension if you’re wanting an item for longer than one day.



Made to order:

All made to order pieces are made here in NZ by either myself or a small group of talented seamstresses. My employees all work from home, so can decide what sort of hours they work and when. Getting paid $30 per hour for their work, they are paid well above the minimum wage for their time. 

Active + Swim:
Being an ethical brand meant that searching for a manufacturer who aligned with this was super important to me. I use a manufacturer in Bali which prides itself on it's ethical treatment of their staff. They are paid well above the minimum wage, get multiple holiday breaks throughout the year and are given regular breaks throughout the working day (where lunch is provided). Another awesome thing about them is that they provide free health insurance for their employees, as well as having air conditioned working areas. 

As much as possible, I use natural fibres such as linen and cotton for my garments. Whenever polyester is used (active & swim for example), it is always made from recycled bottles rather than in a new form.