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Step 2: Measurements

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How long will my order take? 
4-5 weeks to be made, if you need it sooner (7-10 days from order) you will need to purchase the 'urgent order'. 

Rental Companies: 
Custom orders are for personal use & nonprofit ONLY. If you are interested in getting an item for commercial use, please contact me. If you have previously purchased an item off me (prior to 2020) you are required to tag @mykeepernz. 


About this item:
The inspiration for this beauty was to try and make an Oodie style garment which was suitable to wear out and about, and I think I managed it!


Please add colours to the notes using the format as follows using the chart (pic 4):
Words: ______
Outer Flower: ________
Inner Flower: ________
Quote: Leave your quote choice in notes.

Selecting your fabrics: 
Sweat shirting OR Jersey is beautiful for this style.


What is your fabric choice?

Fabric: Rayon Mediterranean

Rayon Mediterranean

Fabric: Rayon Amalfi Tile

Rayon Amalfi Tile

Fabric: Rayon Cluster

Rayon Cluster

Fabric: Rayon Block

Rayon Block

Fabric: Lesley


Fabric: Elton


Fabric: My Keeper Exclusive Cotton Maggie Retro

My Keeper Exclusive Cotton Maggie Retro

Fabric: 20K


Fabric: 970


Fabric: Rita


Fabric: Frankie


Fabric: Acai


Fabric: Mikko


Fabric: Retro Daisy

Retro Daisy

Fabric: Mush


Fabric: Retro Tile

Retro Tile

Fabric: Whimsy Daisy

Whimsy Daisy

Fabric: Y2K


Fabric: Retro Blue

Retro Blue

Fabric: Jaffa


Fabric: Trendy


Fabric: Autumn


Fabric: Aulia Vibe

Aulia Vibe

Fabric: Aulia Brights

Aulia Brights

Fabric: Aulia Peach

Aulia Peach

Fabric: Aulia Purple

Aulia Purple

Fabric: Richie Pink

Richie Pink

Fabric: Richie Brown

Richie Brown

Fabric: Richie Green

Richie Green

Fabric: Cotton Voile Hazel

Cotton Voile Hazel

Fabric: Mango


Fabric: Forever


Fabric: Gemini


Fabric: Westie


Fabric: Zoola Deep

Zoola Deep

Fabric: Zoola Green

Zoola Green

Fabric: Zoola Teal

Zoola Teal

Fabric: Cotton Lawn Maddie

Cotton Lawn Maddie

Fabric: Melon


Fabric: Midnight


Fabric: Morecandy


Fabric: Tropics


Fabric: 70s


Fabric: 60s


Fabric: Lemello


Fabric: Retro


Fabric: Betty


Fabric: Beverly Fuchsia

Beverly Fuchsia

Fabric: Beverly Green

Beverly Green

Fabric: Luca Red

Luca Red

Fabric: Luca Blue

Luca Blue

Fabric: Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Fabric: Lolita


Fabric: Fluent Pink

Fluent Pink

Fabric: Lake Blossom

Lake Blossom

Fabric: Rose


Fabric: Poppy


Fabric: Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Fabric: Meadow Red

Meadow Red

Fabric: Cotton Pinwheel Blue

Cotton Pinwheel Blue

Fabric: Cotton Lilac

Cotton Lilac

Sold Out

Fabric: Cotton Lyla

Cotton Lyla

Fabric: Cotton Sweet Pea Light

Cotton Sweet Pea Light

Fabric: Cotton Sweet Pea Bright

Cotton Sweet Pea Bright

Fabric: Cotton Frida

Cotton Frida

Fabric: Cotton Amelia

Cotton Amelia

Fabric: Cotton Daphne Red

Cotton Daphne Red

Fabric: Cotton Daphne Green

Cotton Daphne Green

Fabric: Cotton Iris

Cotton Iris

Fabric: Papery


Fabric: Miami Purple

Miami Purple

Fabric: Miami Mix

Miami Mix

Fabric: Miami Black

Miami Black

Fabric: Miami Brown

Miami Brown

Fabric: Rayon Lennox Orange

Rayon Lennox Orange

Fabric: Rayon Lennox Green

Rayon Lennox Green

Fabric: Rayon Lennox Blue

Rayon Lennox Blue



Fabric: FERN


Fabric: ZETA


Fabric: Cotton Lucy

Cotton Lucy





Fabric: Retro Blue

Retro Blue

Fabric: LOVE


Fabric: Ahu 2

Ahu 2

Fabric: Oona Mix

Oona Mix

Fabric: Oona Orange

Oona Orange

Fabric: Oona Green

Oona Green

Fabric: Cotton Remi

Cotton Remi

Fabric: Cotton Kylie

Cotton Kylie

Fabric: Cotton Sadie Cotton Candy

Cotton Sadie Cotton Candy

Fabric: Cotton Retro Floral

Cotton Retro Floral

Fabric: Cali


Fabric: Mod


Fabric: Festival


Fabric: Zuma


Fabric: Cotton Retro Orange

Cotton Retro Orange

Fabric: Cotton Retro Blue

Cotton Retro Blue

Fabric: Cotton Karma

Cotton Karma

Fabric: Cotton Sadie Pink

Cotton Sadie Pink

Fabric: Cotton Sadie Orange

Cotton Sadie Orange

Fabric: Cotton Shaggy - Aqua

Cotton Shaggy - Aqua

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker White

Cotton Seer Sucker White

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Lilac

Cotton Seer Sucker Lilac

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Mint

Cotton Seer Sucker Mint

Fabric: Cotton Seer Sucker Black

Cotton Seer Sucker Black

Fabric: Sweat shirting C60/P40 Chocolate

Sweat shirting C60/P40 Chocolate

Fabric: Sweat shirting C100 Vanilla

Sweat shirting C100 Vanilla

Fabric: Sweat shirting C100 Black

Sweat shirting C100 Black

Fabric: Corduroy Black

Corduroy Black

Fabric: Corduroy Camel

Corduroy Camel

Fabric: Corduroy Charcoal

Corduroy Charcoal

Fabric: Corduroy Denim

Corduroy Denim

Fabric: Corduroy Dusky

Corduroy Dusky

Fabric: Corduroy Moss

Corduroy Moss

Fabric: Corduroy Tobacco

Corduroy Tobacco

Fabric: Corduroy White

Corduroy White

Fabric: Corduroy Bottle

Corduroy Bottle

Fabric: Corduroy Rhubarb

Corduroy Rhubarb

Fabric: Corduroy Marine

Corduroy Marine

Fabric: Linen Emerald

Linen Emerald

Fabric: Linen Celery

Linen Celery

Fabric: Linen Sea Green

Linen Sea Green

Fabric: Linen Lichen

Linen Lichen

Fabric: Linen Hollyhock

Linen Hollyhock

Fabric: Cotton Cornflower

Cotton Cornflower

Fabric: Linen Lilac

Linen Lilac

Fabric: Cotton White

Cotton White

Fabric: Linen Glacier

Linen Glacier

Fabric: Linen Mustard

Linen Mustard

Fabric: Linen Forest

Linen Forest

Fabric: Linen Tangerine

Linen Tangerine

Fabric: Linen Mulberry

Linen Mulberry

Fabric: Linen Black

Linen Black

Fabric: Linen Peach

Linen Peach

Fabric: Linen Cornflower

Linen Cornflower

Fabric: Linen Daffodil

Linen Daffodil

Fabric: Cotton Crimson

Cotton Crimson

Fabric: Cotton Mauve

Cotton Mauve

Fabric: Cotton Parakeet

Cotton Parakeet

Fabric: Cotton Black

Cotton Black

Fabric: Cotton Lemon

Cotton Lemon

Fabric: Cotton Bubblegum

Cotton Bubblegum

Fabric: Cotton Lilac

Cotton Lilac

Fabric: Cotton Pear

Cotton Pear

Fabric: Cotton Gingham Mint

Cotton Gingham Mint

Fabric: Cotton Gingham Sunshine

Cotton Gingham Sunshine

Fabric: Cotton Wisteria Red

Cotton Wisteria Red

Copy of Fabric: Cotton Olive Gingham

Copy of Cotton Olive Gingham

Fabric: Cotton Burnt Gingham

Cotton Burnt Gingham

Fabric: Cotton Apricot Gingham

Cotton Apricot Gingham

Fabric: LinenCotton Candy

LinenCotton Candy

Fabric: Linen Candy Apple

Linen Candy Apple

Fabric: Linen Aqua

Linen Aqua

Fabric: Linen Dijon

Linen Dijon

Fabric: Linen Mocha

Linen Mocha

Fabric: Linen Electric Blue

Linen Electric Blue

Fabric: Linen Pear

Linen Pear

Fabric: Linen Moss

Linen Moss

Fabric: Linen Magenta

Linen Magenta

Fabric: Linen Bubblegum

Linen Bubblegum

Fabric: Satin Sage

Satin Sage

Fabric: Silk Tawny

Silk Tawny

Fabric: Silk Light Pink

Silk Light Pink

Fabric: Silk Lilac

Silk Lilac

Fabric: Linen Washed Lilac

Linen Washed Lilac

Fabric: Linen Self Check Black

Linen Self Check Black

Fabric: Linen Self Check White

Linen Self Check White

Fabric: Linen Self Check Camel

Linen Self Check Camel

Fabric: Linen Self Check Navy

Linen Self Check Navy

Fabric: Linen Self Check Red

Linen Self Check Red

Fabric: Linen Lipstick

Linen Lipstick

Fabric: Linen Khaki

Linen Khaki

Fabric: Linen Grape

Linen Grape

Fabric: Linen Ocean

Linen Ocean

Fabric: Linen Breeze

Linen Breeze

Fabric: Linen Tangelo

Linen Tangelo

Fabric: Linen Pear

Linen Pear

Fabric: Linen Berry

Linen Berry

Fabric: Linen Celery Gingham

Linen Celery Gingham

Fabric: Linen Dusky Gingham

Linen Dusky Gingham

Fabric: Linen Blue Gingham

Linen Blue Gingham

Fabric: Linen Black Gingham

Linen Black Gingham

Fabric: Linen Navy Gingham

Linen Navy Gingham

Fabric: Linen Olive Gingham

Linen Olive Gingham

Fabric: Linen Yellow Gingham

Linen Yellow Gingham

Fabric: Linen Paprika Gingham

Linen Paprika Gingham

Fabric: Linen Blush Gingham

Linen Blush Gingham

Fabric: Linen Bone Gingham

Linen Bone Gingham

Fabric: Linen White

Linen White

Fabric: Linen Black

Linen Black

Fabric: Linen Navy

Linen Navy

Fabric: Linen Denim

Linen Denim

Fabric: Linen Teal

Linen Teal

Fabric: Linen Hydrangea

Linen Hydrangea

Fabric: Linen Duck Egg

Linen Duck Egg

Fabric: Linen Celery Smoke

Linen Celery Smoke

Fabric: Linen Evergreen

Linen Evergreen

Fabric: Linen Military Green

Linen Military Green

Fabric: Linen Caper

Linen Caper

Fabric: Linen Olive

Linen Olive

Fabric: Linen Ochre

Linen Ochre

Fabric: Linen Buttercup

Linen Buttercup

Fabric: Linen Paprika

Linen Paprika

Fabric: Linen Brick

Linen Brick

Fabric: Linen Papaya

Linen Papaya

Fabric: Linen Blush

Linen Blush

Fabric: Linen Shell

Linen Shell

Fabric: Linen Bone

Linen Bone

Fabric: Linen Dusky

Linen Dusky

Fabric: Cotton Lime Gingham

Cotton Lime Gingham