> My store opens on the 6th and 21st of each month at 6pm. 
> On the 6th I offer limited release fabrics & styles as well as the standard shop section items and on the 21st I offer just standard styles. 
> Select the item you want to purchase & select the fabric you want your garment to be made up in by browsing the links provided at the bottom of the garment OR from the range that I send you after purchasing. 
> Your garment will take 4 weeks to be made, but there are urgent orders available if you need your item sooner than this. 

> Browse my beautiful collection of rental garments & select the one you want for your event. 

> Select the date you want to wear your garment. 
> Checkout & add any additional notes. 
> Your garment will arrive 2-3 days prior to your selected date.
> Wear the garment. 
> Pack the garment back up in prepaid postage bag and hand it over to a NZ Post counter for them to scan and track. 
> All cleaning etc will happen once the garment is back. 
> Send me some snaps or tag @mykeepernz in your photos.