Everything on My Keeper is handmade by me, BUT not everything I make gets added to my rental section. Here's a wee collection of items which I have in my own wardrobe. My flatmate Paige is on a journey to create a 100% handmade wardrobe and this inspired me. Although I don't think I will ever be able to let go of the clothes I already own (especially my Mister Zimmi pieces hah), I have been inspired to start sewing more and buying less. Some of these are made using patterns from other companies which I will link if you want to try and create one for yourself. What I love most about having a handmade wardrobe is knowing that you are wearing an item that there is only ONE of in the entire world. Now that's special!

Wilder Gown - Friday Pattern Company 
This is the newest addition to my handmade wardrobe, and I've got to say I'm obsessed with it. What I love most about this pattern (apart from being extremely easy to sew) is that it has so many variations. So you can literally make around 5 different versions using the one pattern and that's just the ones that they suggest. If you get your thinking cap on you could really make this dress your own with a few tweaks here and there.