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How long will my order take? 
The fabric takes around 1 week to arrive in NZ. From here it will take 2-3 weeks if you need it sooner (7-10 days from order) you will need to purchase the 'urgent order'. 

Rental Companies: 
Custom orders are for personal use & nonprofit ONLY. If you are interested in getting an item for commercial use, please contact me. If you have previously purchased an item off me (prior to 2020) you are required to tag @mykeepernz. 


About this item:
* Design your own one of a kind fabric (you can sketch what you'd like and I can turn it into a print via illustrator) OR you can send me your requests and I'll whip up a design. Maybe you even have a fabric you've seen and fallen in love with and want me to create something inspired by it.

* Select any current My Keeper style to have made in your custom fabric. 

* Imagine wearing a garment and being able to say that you co-designed it!


In the notes section please include: 
* Colour combos you'd like to be used in fabric: use this website to select your colours and attach the colour code eg. #E1791E* A sketch of your design (sent to my fb - the messenger is open on my site for you to do this OR email 
* Alternatively you can attach patterns you like or describe a pattern for me and I can make a few prototypes for you. 
* Your size :) 
* The style you want - must be a style avail in the shop section.