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How long will my order take? 
4-5 Weeks, if you need it sooner (7-10 days from order) you will need to purchase the 'urgent order'. 

Rental Companies: 
Custom orders are for personal use & nonprofit ONLY. If you are interested in getting an item for commercial use, please contact me. If you have previously purchased an item off me (prior to 2020) you are required to tag @mykeepernz. 


About this item:

This new option is the sister of the Mystery My Keeper. The only difference is, that the Cheaper Keeper is made from fabrics that are more affordable than the standard ones I generally use. I have designed the Cheaper Keeper to make my clothing a little more accessible to those who aren't able to afford standard My Keeper custom garments. 


What's the best part about a mystery My Keeper you ask? The anticipation for the courier to arrive is that much more exciting when you have no idea what you're getting. 

I will make you a stunning surprise garment, I like to compare it to a lucky dip. Throw it back to your childhood & take a gamble with a mystery item. 

My promise to you is that I will create something beautiful and well-suited for you. 

Leave your Instagram handle in the notes so that I can have a wee stalk (yes, I love a good stalk), to plan the best colours and style I possibly can for your gorgeous garment. 

If you garment is for a specific event, or you don't suit certain colours or styles, feel free to leave this information in the notes too x